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Learn the best tools and techniques you can use to easily build your own website!

"10 required elements of modern web design"

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Learn to Build High Converting Websites and Sales Funnels for the Modern Age.‚Äč

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This is what you can expect to learn from SPEN10


Your website is your main foundation, or "Home" for your business. A visit to your site is usually the first impression someone has of your business online. It is also used as a central location to tie all of your services, blogs, and social media together.

Sales Funnels

A Sales Funnel is used to guide visitors through a controlled sales or data collection process. For example, the visitor lands on the first page of a funnel, the only choice is to enter their email or leave. The next page can have an offer, or end with a Thank You page after getting their info.


Set yourself apart from the competition, by conveying a concise, clear message to your target audience. Get a great design tailored specifically to you and your business and set yourself apart from the competition.


Let SPEN10 show you how to optimize each page you build, so that it ranks well in search for relevant terms. Increasing your traffic quality and quantity.


Learn to install analytics through google and facebook onto your website. So you can track where your visitors are coming from. This data can be invaluable for scaling up.


Today less than 50% of website visitors use computers. The rest are on mobile devices, such as phones and tablets. Learn to build every page with mobile optimiztion.

Follow our set of simple steps to get going in no time.

Here are the four simple stages we put every website through. And we will teach you to do the same thing in order to get going quickly and continuously improve your website.

1. Research

2. Planning

3. Development

4. Optimization

Sales Funnels

Learn to build beautiful, high converting sales funnels. Funnels that are designed to convert with high AOV and additional backend marketing.
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Pro Websites

Build a beautiful and professional looking website for yourself or clients. We will show you how to create websites that are easy for customers to use, to keep them coming back!
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