10 required elements of modern web design

August 7, 2019

10 required elements of modern web design

In the current digital day and age, more and more people are going online, with more and more different devices of various sizes. To cater to most of your potential customer base is by having modern web design, a website that is easy for visitors to navigate and find exactly what they need, Turning more visitors into customers.

Here are the elements we recommend for having a modern website, that will turn visitors into customers instead of turning them away.

Let's get into the most important elements of web design in the modern age.

Mobile Friendly

Also known as responsive design. With current internet users using various devices in different sizes, this is important. It allows the webpage to automatically adjust the width with the size of your screen. Allowing any visitor with any device to have a great user experience.

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Branded Colors

Modern web design integrates no more than 2 main colors to show your brand. If you need additional colors then It is common to use different shades of your preliminary colors where possible. It also never hurts to add neutral colors (White, black, grey..) where it makes sense. The Proper use of colors speaks to your ideal customer and makes your website look very professional increasing trust.

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Consistent Fonts

It is a good idea to have 2 main fonts, one for headlines, and another for content. Use these fonts on all pages, and messaging for your brand. You can also throw in a third “special font” (I like using a permanent marker for signatures, etc..). The fonts should contrast each other to make your site really pop. For example, use Serif for Headlines and Sans-Serif for content.

Click here for more information about fonts and how to use them.

Minimal Design

In the current age of digitalism, most web users do not like to read much. Once a visitor lands on your website they want the most important information first. The more relevant it is to what they are looking for then the higher the chance you have to convert a customer. (I.E. They see exactly what you are all about when they visit on your page. Having relevant information is a necessity of modern web design.

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Clear Message

A clear message is very important in modern web design. Once a potential customer lands on your home page, you should have a clear, easy to read message about exactly what your website is for. You also want relevant messaging throughout your website. This should be clear, and easy to read (contrasting colors, proper fonts) so the visitor easily understands your message.

Creating a clear message (Video)

User Interface

Your user interface should have a clear layout, with the menu options you want customers to click the most, being shown first. The pages should be easy to follow and read, and your menus and navigation should work flawlessly. Also, it is very important there are no broken links or menu items.

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Search engine optimization is generally an ongoing thing before you get any noticeable results. Websites can have On-page SEO done when the page is built, this means that there are certain keywords being researched and deliberately placed in some of the most important sections and elements of the page.

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High-Quality Images

Images should be of high quality, but not oversized. They should also be compressed for HTML prior to uploading onto any website. This will make the file size as small as possible, and every little bit helps with site responsiveness and loading speed.

Using high-quality images online

White Space

White space is not always white. This just means that there are blank areas on your webpages, that have no text, images, or any other content on them. White space is great for sectioning off content and allowing a nice easy to follow flow for the visitor. Having all of your content cramped together makes it very hard to read, and most readers will not try to make sense of it for long.

Clear CTA

If you are selling a product, service, or want users to take another action. (Such as opting into your email list, sharing on social media, etc..). You should place a clear call to action. The call to action should always be at the bottom of your sales message or page, but it can also be placed in other areas. Sometimes near the top and in the center, don’t worry about repeating the CTA, throughout your content.

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