What is SPEN10?

SPEN10 is a digital web design agency. Focusing on helping entrepreneurs and home based business owner's to create professional websites for themselves or others.
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Our Core Values

Customer Satisfaction is the number 1 priority.
We will deliver our services (Including responses) with the utmost speed and accuracy.
Be kind, positive and courteous to EVERYONE.
Show complete transparency to any current or prospective customers.
Provide Value. Go above and beyond to provide value, through blog posts, videos or other content.
We promise complete satisfaction, or a refund if applicable..





A brief history of how SPEN10 was started.

In the past I have started several different businesses online and offline (at least 7 that I can remember). However the one thing they all had in common was that I built a website for each one of them.

There were several business types that I had setup such as eCommerce stores and service type businesses, on various different platforms, like Wordpress, Wix, Shopify, Bigcommerce, ClickFunnels, Insutanto and Kajabi to name a few (And learning a little code along the way).

While none of these businesses are around today, I do not consider any of them failures. For they all taught me important design & business concepts as well as how to use the most popular web building platforms.

Realizing I actually enjoyed designing and building websites, and finding a new passion for graphics art, SPEN10 was born.
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