Generating and Nurturing Facebook Leads

August 19, 2019

Why You Should Be Generating Leads On Facebook And Nurturing Them Online.

You may be wondering, "How do I generate leads from Facebook?" or "If I have some leads already should I be nurturing them?" The short answer is yes. By nurturing your leads, you get to know them, and they get to know you.

Once someone becomes a lead, they are no longer cold, however, they still barely know you, so they are, let's say Lukewarm. By nurturing them overtime after they become a lead, then by getting to know more about who you are and what you do, It greatly raises the chance of them purchasing from you.

What exactly is the meaning of a Lead?

A lead is a person, who in some way gives you their information, allowing you to contact them, or send them messages, value or content later on. The most common way of acquiring Leads is to use an Opt-In form. You can have one on a blog, or by itself on what is called a Lead Magnet Funnel.

Either the blog or the lead magnet funnel can be paid to advertise on Facebook for generating leads online. They can also be shared on facebook, or other social networks and gain traction organically. However, the organic way is usually much slower, especially when starting out, and if done incorrectly can cause more harm than good.

Once they are on your list, they are then considered a lead, and you can send marketing materials or information to them at no cost. This is very powerful as the whole system can be set up and run automatically.

Let's Go Over The Facebook Lead Generation Process.

Here is the basic overview of how you will be generating and nurturing leads on Facebook. To do this, you will have a landing page where the visitor can opt-in. Take the link to this landing page, and you can either Advertise it on Facebook through paid Ads. Or you can provide value on facebook, through groups, or even your own profile wall.

Regardless of the chosen method, when someone sees your link, whether it is from a Facebook Ad. Or you helped them out by providing value in some way, they will find you, which leads to your link, Leading to your landing page.

Generating Paid Leads on Facebook

I have a good bit of experience generating Leads from facebook through paid methods. So we will start with that. The first thing you will need is an Opt-In form. This can easily be placed on an existing blog or website, the more traffic you currently have the better! But remember you can start with no traffic. Everyone has to start somewhere!

Once you have an Opt-In page method, then you can start creating Ads on Facebook and showing Ads to prospective Leads. These Ads should be congruent with your Opt-In page. Meaning the style matches, and the Ad copy message is congruent with whatever the Opt-In page says.

With Facebook, you are able to target pretty much anybody who uses it. You can target by Interests, dates, and behavior among other things. You can also target by location, age, and details as little as Male vs Female.

After defining your target niche then you can create the visuals. What your target audience will see if the Ad is placed in front of them. Visuals can be only text, although it is not recommended as in Leads marketing, the idea is to grab attention.

So you should at least be using captivating images, and it is recommended to use videos whenever possible. Facebook loves videos and will show them to more people at a lower cost vs pictures or text Ads. But more importantly, you can gather critical data by using videos, which will greatly improve future marketing at even lower costs.

Once someone sees your Ad, if they are interested, and it grabs their attention, they will click it, and visit your Opt-In page. The conversion will depend on how good your magnet or 'bait' is and how much your page matches your Facebook marketing message. The better the bait is, and the more congruent the messaging is, the higher the chance of them opting in.

Generating Organic Leads From Facebook

The other way is to generate leads organically from Facebook. This method of Lead marketing online takes longer, especially in the beginning. Because you have to build it up. First, join every group you can find in your chosen niche and join them. From there the easiest thing to do is to watch for people asking questions, and then answer them as best you can.

Most groups will ban you pretty quickly for link dropping in their groups, or for posting with the sole intent of getting people to visit your profile or lead magnet. So If you want to post you should provide some solid value, without hinting at yourself, your business or your funnel in any way. When done properly, this can be very powerful and people will go find YOU on their own.

If you do decide to go the organic route, then I recommend building a profile funnel. This can be your squeeze funnel. But to make it a profile Funnel you can go swap the Facebook featured image, for a graphic pointing below to click for Desktop, and pointing above to click for mobile. As those are where the FB links will be on the respective platforms.

Alternatively, you can send people in some groups to your own valuable blog posts, which have an Opt-In attached. And as a final tip, both the featured image and your banner can have a description. So if you get somebody to click on it, you can add more info and a link in there.

Building a Squeeze funnel for Generating Facebook Leads.

You will need a page for generating leads. Using a funnel is the fastest way to get going if you do not already have an established blog or another website. All a squeeze funnel is, is 2 pages. A front-page where the visitor lands and inputs their information, in exchange for a free gift. And then a Thank you page, where they are taken to after submitting their info.

The Thank You page should have detailed instructions about where they can get their gift (their email). You can also add any additional information about your company that you would like them to know, or even provide some value or an offer. But the main point is to get them on your email list, as a lead.

I recommend using ClickFunnels for building squeeze funnels (or any other funnel for that matter). I have tried the various site and funnel builders, and ClickFunnels is by far the easiest for beginners to get into. Especially for creating something as simple as a 2-page funnel. It can be done in about 10 minutes with no tech skills!

If you do sign up to ClickFunnels let me know at [email protected] or you can add me as a friend and message me on Facebook. I will give you some Free Funnels, and even build your Squeeze Funnel for you!

Nurturing your Leads

Once you get some leads, you will need to communicate with them by providing value and getting to know them. By getting to know them, and providing them more value and free stuff, in the beginning, they get to know you and like you. This will, in turn, increase the chances of them purchasing from you in the future.

So, what is the best way to nurture them? With email marketing of course! By adding them to your email list, you can send offers, promotions, and lots of value to them with no Ad cost. However, you want to be careful, especially at the critical early stages.

Current email management systems will allow you to set up email sequences. So say, you want to send an email once every day for example. You can set that up inside the email management system.

You can also set up other conditions, for example, you can have it send the next email in the series only after they open the first one. On the flip side, you can have it resend a slightly different variation of the first email if they do not open it after a certain period of time.

Many email management systems also allow more features, such as tagging. You can add tags to certain leads based on their actions, this makes them easier to categorize and send them certain emails without sending to your whole list.

I recommend Active Campaign as your email management system. This is what I use now. I have tried several different email management systems, and Active Campaign is easy to use while having one of the best feature sets with a great deliverability rate.

The First Step of Nurturing Your Leads is the Welcome Sequence.

This is a series of emails being sent, once the lead Opts-In to your list. I have seen these most commonly sent as 4 emails per sequence, although 5 is also common. And they could be longer but I do recommend having 4 at minimum.

The first one would be delivering their free gift for opting in. You can send the next one whenever you want after that. It could be 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, etc... I do not recommend waiting too long between each one, as consumers tend to have short attention spans and may forget quickly who you are, during these critical first stages.

I generally have mine sent out once every 24 hours. This seems to be a long enough time that you won't be annoying, but short enough they will remember you. The most effective welcome sequence is known as the "Soap welcome sequence" I learned from it in the book DotComSecrets by Russell Brunson.

The Soap welcome sequence tells a story over the 4 to 5 emails, hooking the reader at the beginning of each one, and leaving a cliffhanger at the end. The cliffhanger sets them up for the next email in the sequence, so they are expecting and in most cases even impatiently waiting for it.

Again, you can let me know if you need ANY help setting up the sequence, or if you get stuck writing it out. I would love to help!

The next step is the Leads Management System.

This is essentially your email management platform. The one you set up your nurturing and other sequences in, and it automatically emails your leads. They can manage your leads by different lists, as well as other things such as tags, depending on what each person does.

You do want to keep track of this, so you don't keep sending everything the same stuff, no matter what. For example, if somebody buys something through one of your emails, you can tag them. By having the tag you can filter them out and either upsell them different products or remove them from getting any emails selling the product they already bought.

This is also useful for removing people who never open your emails. You can set up the first email to send out 3 times. Just change the headline, and the content each time, so they don't get the exact email 3 times, before opening any of them.

If someone does not open any of them, you can have them removed from your list after a set amount of time. If they do open only one of them, you can send them back to your main list. To the next email in your sequence. Leads Nurturing is quite effective when done properly.

Keeping Your Leads Management System Safe.

You can keep your list clean by removing non-openers as described above. By removing people who do not open after 3-4 emails in a row. By keeping a clean and safe list, you can greatly increase open rates improving deliverability.

Another way to keep your list clean and safe is to not buy any emails or email lists from other people. Your leads should agree to be on your list specifically before you send them any emails.

If someone else collects the leads and then sells them to you, they will be poor quality to you. No matter how good they are to the person gathering them. The reason being is they may have never heard of you. And one day out of the blue they receive an email from you.

So, you have provided them nothing in the past, and they have no idea who you are. This leaves a very high chance of them reporting it as spam, which greatly hurts your email deliverability. If only a couple people report as spam, then you could potentially be going in the spam folder with every email you send. Greatly reducing open rates.

Final Step in the Leads Generation and Nurturing Process.

The last and final step is to get your Leads on your main list. If they passed the steps above and opened the emails in the nurturing process, they are ready.

A great tactic that many marketers use when starting out, is they start writing out their main email sequence. After they set up the welcome sequence, and before anyone has gone completely through it.

Have at least the first email ready, so when your leads graduate the nurturing sequence, they can immediately get started on the main sequence. From here you can write a new email once or twice a week, (or even once a day if you want to).

And from then on, the entire marketing sequence goes like this: Prospects are automatically taken through the opt-in. You take their email, they go on the nurturing list. They complete the email nurturing sequence and then if they open any of the welcome emails, they get placed on your main list.

And as time goes by, your main list will get longer and longer. And you only have to write each email once. For as many leads as you want to go through your opt-in/funnel and email system.

Thanks for reading! I just wanted to tell you again. if you need ANYTHING do not hesitate to email me. [email protected] or message me on Facebook.

P.S. If you are still not sure where to start, then I highly recommend taking the One Funnel Away Challenge. Do the next one with me!

Note: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC. I may also receive compensation for other links in this post. Please note I only recommend stuff that I actually use!

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