Checkout some of our previous web builds! These are some of our best examples of the designs you can be building in the future with us!

Encore Autos

Here is a tech demo we built for an automotive website. As you can see the website has great contrast for easy readability, and the red really pops off of the monochrome background.

Digital ADvantage

Digital ADvantage is a professional web design and marketing agency, This website was created with a bright pink color theme which really pops off the darker accented background. This one is a favorite here at SPEN10!


This is Funnelogical. Funnelogical was created as a digital funnel building and design agency. This website was only a tech demo, and not a live project. It was built to showcase funnel building skills and effects.

Surge Electric

Surge Electric was designed for an electric company in colorado. They backed out of the deal in the end, so the branding was changed and the site was turned into a tech demo. This site was a lot of fun and is our favorite professional site so far!
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