Social Media: From Start to Followers

May 3, 2019

Today we will be going over how to set up social media accounts, and how to easily grow your following. So let's get to it.

I recommend setting up social media accounts as soon as you define your Niche and Brand.

This way you can get followers and have momentum going even before the rest of your system is in place.

Setting up your accounts.

You should set up Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest at Least. Use a Username on these platforms that relate to your brand.

Setup these accounts filling out your profile with a bio and other info related to your business.

Add as much info as possible, for the best credibility.

Do not worry if you have no Logo yet. You can use images related to your Niche as placeholders.

You can also use images of yourself to represent you or your brand and that can be beneficial.

Next, try and make at least ten posts per account. Follow the tips below for setting these up on each of these main four social platforms.

Instagram: You can download and Re-share posts in your Niche.

Make sure you credit the person you downloaded the post from into the Description on your new post.

You can also outsource pictures and videos or make your own.

Twitter: Retweet 10 tweets related to your market. Upload & make tweets of your own, you can also use a combination of the two.

Facebook: Create 10 posts on your page. There are a few ways here, you can share public posts onto your page that are in your Niche.

Or you can link your Facebook to Instagram and when you post on IG it also posts to FB.

You can also post your existing IG posts to a linked FB page. And of course, you can create your own post content.

Pinterest: is often overlooked, but can be a great traffic source, especially for visual products.

After filling out your account info, go find and pin 10 posts. You can also create pins with your own content.

Basic criteria to follow for account safety.

Tip: Create pins with your own content when you can. Have the pins leading back to your page. With more info related to the topic, related products or services

The idea is to get your accounts created and provide preliminary content.

Then your account does not look so bare, and it helps people to trust you more early on.

Now that we have created our Social Media accounts, we can post to them to help build our following.

We do this now so that we can be growing our accounts on social media while we build out the rest of our system.

So, how do we increase our followers even faster?

Be careful with how often you are posting. Posting to often will result in people seeing you as spammy and not following you.

If you post to little then your followers will drop due to lack of content. I recommend posting 1-3 times per day.

Search for pages related to your market on these platforms. And then Like, Comment, Follow and share these related posts.

This is a great way to gain visibility, you can like or follow with 1 click.

For commenting do not worry about going into any detail or specifics. I generally say things like "Cool!" or "Awesome" or "That's Great" and throw in some related emoticons.

Sharing posts is great, and pretty simple, posting your own original content is usually even better.

People prefer videos to still images so videos will do a lot better than pictures.  Whether re-sharing or posting original content.

I understand videos are a lot harder to do, especially originals. You can still use photos and re-shares only and build followers at a good rate.

Bonus Tips:

Bonus Tip #1: I schedule my posts once in the morning and once at night on some of my accounts.

If I see a post I want to share or decide to put up an extra post then I will schedule that in the middle of the same or next day.

This way it does not post within the same timeframe and is still spread throughout the Day.

Bonus Tip #2: You can use all these social media platforms and more for Paid Advertising to great effect.

This can bring in more traffic than these free methods with the proper skill and targeting.

Bonus Tip #3: You can Automate this whole process on Instagram. Resharing, Following, Liking even Commenting and Messaging. I recommend InstaEasy.

This is a paid program, but I recommend reaching out to them and they may be able to give you a large discount.

You can also find free alternatives, but in my experience, those do not work as well.

Note: If you do automate check your account at LEAST one time per day and respond to comments, likes and DM's.

(Note 2: I do not benefit from you purchasing Insta Easy, even through this Link. I just personally use this program and think it is awesome!)

Follow these Tips and you will be getting followers within the same day. This is how we get started on Social Media, From Start to Followers!

Thank you for Reading.

Spencer Out!

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