The importance of Email Marketing.

May 3, 2019

At first, I never really understood the importance of email marketing. When I got started email marketing I was already marketing. I was running ads on places like facebook, google, and bing.
This was back when I was trying to start my first eCommerce DropShipping Store. I was buying ads, getting visitors but nobody was buying.
So I started looking into more ways to get traffic, and possible ways to cut costs. A few places I saw said to build an email list.
But I thought to myself "It is an eCommerce store, what am I going to send to my list, coupons?" I didn't want to send coupons because that felt too pushy to me.
So I did not even start a list for a long time. I had an opt-in form at the bottom of my Shopify store. But I had nothing planned to send.
But as I got deeper into it I saw more and more about email marketing. And I started to realize I needed to build an active list. And then send them content related to my store.
I started doing more and more research, watching videos. And came to find out, email is one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing methods of them all!
I finally understood the importance of email marketing. I recommend reading DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson.
This book helped open my eyes to email marketing. (And a BUNCH of other cool stuff related to building a business.)
This is very powerful as it may cost you to get a lead (Contact information, email in this case) on your list.
Then you can message this person through email at any time. Providing helpful information, services, and resources to them.
Once I realized how powerful and awesome email was, then I started to build a list. This is the importance of email marketing.
As a Tip: Start building an email list as soon as you can, even if you have nothing to send to a list yet. You can start building without sending it.
Now let's go over the methods I used to Start Building my list.

We must choose an Autoresponder.

First, we need to find a good AutoResponder. This is a service that will allow you to set up automatic chains or email sequences for your subscribers.
I recommend using ActiveCampaign if you are not using Affiliate links in the emails. They do not allow direct affiliate links.
You can link to a blog post, landing page, or a store page that contains affiliate links.
They also do not like you to send emails for the sole reason of promoting an affiliate offer.
But that is not a big issue anyway because you should be offering valuable content in the emails first. Then referring to Affiliate offers where it makes sense with your content.
I recommend GetResponse if you do plan on linking emails to affiliate offers. Or if you are sending emails for the sole purpose of promoting an offer.
I am using both of these Autoresponders, for different campaigns. ActiveCampaign has a much better inbox rate. That is why I recommend ActiveCampaign if you are not linking affiliate offers.
Another great option for beginners is Aweber. I tried them out, but they have fewer features (Tagging, tracking, etc...) as a beginner, the simpler interface is easier to start with.
Regardless of the Autoresponder, the basics work the same. Once somebody gets put on your list, they get put in an Email Welcome sequence.
The sequence will send an email usually immediately on signup. And then over a time which you specify.
So you can set them to drip out as often as you want. I make my welcome sequences 5 to 8 emails long. And one gets sent each day.

How do I get people to subscribe to my list?

There are various ways to have somebody put on your list. By either opting in, or you can get emails from people who never heard of you by scraping or buying them.
 I will only be covering some of the ways that people get themselves placed on your email list.
The easiest way to get people to join your list is by offering a Free gift or Incentive.
This can be a PDF eBook, report, blueprint. Or it can be something more, like a sales page or funnel, access to a course, etc...
There are more ways, you can have an opt-in box on your blog. You can use it as a call to action on social media, or on your website.
You can even get opt-ins by providing a product or service, and people opt-in by signing up.
I recommend starting with something simple, easy to process, like a Blueprint, or a List. 
These come with full Private Label Rights (PLR), so you can use them, sell them or give them away.
WIth PLR You can even change them with your information, I recommend using these for Bait.

Where Should I put my Bait?

Next, you need a place to host your Opt-in page. This is the page with your Free Bait, ready to give people the Bait in exchange for their email.
You can use a host like HostGator and WordPress, with a plugin. Some Autoresponders like GetResponse also come with landing page builders and hosting.
The best and easiest to use option I have found so far is ClickFunnels. You can whip up sales pages and Funnels quickly.
And they offer tons of training and other cool stuff for trying ClickFunnels.
You can get a Free ClickFunnels 14 Day Trial Here. If you have ClickFunnels or if you sign up then message me at [email protected]
I will send you my 3 Free opt-in funnels with the Baits mentioned above. (You click a Link to load them into your CF Account)
These are simple 2-page funnels, built and ready for you to use. But you do need ClickFunnels to use them.
All you have to do is integrate the funnel with your own email list. Or use Actionetics (ClickFunnels Built-in Autoresponder).
Once you have all that setup. By either building your own opt-in page or using one of mine, Then you should get a domain.
A Domain is not required, but it is recommended to provide credibility.
You should get a domain with your name or company name. I buy all of mine from Hover. They are about $13 for a year.
Hover has been the easiest to use and has the best customer support from any Domain host I have used.
Now you need to get traffic to your page, there are many ways to get Traffic. but you will need either time or money, especially when starting out.
I am not going to go over all the ways you can generate traffic as there are so many. (Each method is a Blog post in itself!)
WIth email marketing, once you get a customer, you can easily keep them, by providing tons of value, assistance, services, and much more. This is the importance of email marketing.

The Best Solo Ads

The fastest, most cost-effective method to start building your list is by running Solo Ads. This is where you find somebody or use a service that already has a large list.

You write out an Ad and give them your URL. (Sometimes the Solo Provider will write the Ad and you only have to provide a URL).
This method is great for testing, either a new campaign, or offer, or for split-testing. Because the traffic comes in large bursts making it easy to find out where to make adjustments.
I recommend Udimi to find Solo providers. Udimi is a marketplace with reviews and statistics for each provider.
So you can find the best ones, Also keep in mind their stats may be different for your specific offer.
The results from my Solo runs have been great, you need to be very selective on the person you pick to run your solo. Make sure they have great results and a decent amount of reviews.
Thank You for Reading!
P.S. Let me know if you have any questions or need help setting up an email autoresponder or sequence. Or a landing page or anything else!
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