The Top Elements of Blog Design

April 27, 2020

Blog Design - Top Elements

A blog may be essentially an online journal displayed in reverse chronological order. A blog is also a website that requires the same attention to detail any other website requires. It also requires the same design elements as a regular website which does not also function as a blog. Bloggers have decisions to make regarding design elements of the blog such as colors, layout, fonts, and the inclusion of advertisements. Many blog software programs provide a variety of templates that make blog design rather simple. Bloggers who possess some programming skills can highly customize their blogs. This article will discuss some of the basic design considerations bloggers encounter.

Colors and Layouts of good Blog Design

The colors and layout of a blog are one of the most obvious design considerations bloggers must consider when starting or re-designing their blog. Bloggers may use a solid color background, blocks of colors, pictures, or textures in the background. These background elements can be any color imaginable. However, bloggers who are considering the colors to use in their blog design should consider using colors that will be aesthetically appealing to most blog visitors. This is important because the use of garish colors that are harsh on the eye can result in diminished blog traffic.

The blogger should also carefully consider the layout of the blog. The blog design should be arranged in a fashion that is appealing to blog visitors. Visitors should be able to easily follow the blog in a logical manner. This is important because failure to use a layout that meets these criteria may result in blog visitors choosing not to visit the blog anymore. Due to a confusing or unappealing layout.

Fonts Used in a Blog

Bloggers have a number of options available to them when selecting fonts to use in their blogs. These options include the font chosen, the text size, and the color of the text. Bloggers should consider choosing a font that works well with the overall blog design and layout. And suits the subject matter of the blog but also is a font which is common. This is important because blog visitors may have trouble viewing the font if the blogger selects an uncommon font.

The blogger should also consider the text size and color of the text. These elements are primarily important for readability. Font size matters, Members of the target audience should be able to easily read the text. For example, a blogger with senior citizens as the target audience may use a text size slightly larger than usual. Enhance readability by using contrasting colors in the text.


Inclusion of Advertisements in a Blog Design

Bloggers must also consider the inclusion of advertisements in their blog designs. This includes determining whether or not to include ads. Once this decision is made, Bloggers must carefully consider how and where they wish to display these advertisements. Advertisements can be displayed in various locations throughout the blog. And they can be designed to be discrete or obvious depending on the preferences of the blogger. Advertisements can also be a variety of sizes and shapes and are highly customizable in a number of different ways.

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